Stock Ticker Associations

Tempest has a built in ticker association option to allow the publisher to link to stocks directly within the body of the article. This feature is enabled by site production during the site creation process. If you do not see these options available in your site, please email  for help.

Adding a ticker in the body of an article:

  1. Highlight the text you would like to link to. You will then see a contextual menu (shown below). Choosing the Maven Key will allow you to choose a company to link to.

  2. The Company or instrument should have been auto-selected from the selection and allow you to quickly choose the instrument you would like to link to.

    3. Select the Instrument from the autocomplete menu
    4. Confirm the selection and the ticker has been added. This will then link the ticker symbol to the quote page. 

    Assigning Primary Ticker Attributes:

    This is used mostly for feeds and will be used on the quote page when displaying articles with that ticker. This is also an important step in the process.

    Articles that only have a link will not display on the quote page. They must have an attribute for that ticker and there is a max of 3 symbols

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