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The Maven platform recently underwent a total redesign. Larger images, universal navigation, and condensed room options are just a few of those changes. Here is some general information on these new changes.

Can I add a custom header? 

Yes. The desktop header specs are 1000x70, and mobile is 400x90. Images must be transparent and .svg is the preferred format (.png files are also compatible). 

How do I change my header image in the new design?

If you want to change your header image at any point after Maven makes the network-wide change, this process will remain the same as it is in the legacy theme:

  • Open the menu in the upper left corner of the site
  • Select Settings > Attributes
  • Select the Change Image text on either Splash Image (desktop) or Mobile Image
  • The header height and width fields can be ignored - those will be deprecated as Maven moves to the new layout
Do primary, secondary, and header background color still work the same?

Primary color now controls only the header background. Secondary color controls accents throughout the interface, such as hyperlinks, @ mentions, the login modal, and comment/like counts. The header background color value has been deprecated and that picker will soon be removed from the Settings page.

Where did the left-side navigation that showed my avatar, search, and notifications go?

The avatar and search icons have moved into the upper left menu. Your notifications center can be accessed in the upper right corner of the site.

How do I add Top Stories in the new layout?

This process doesn’t change. Top Stories can still be added by doing the following:

  • Copy URL of desired Top Story
  • Go to Settings > Top Stories > Add Top Story
  • Paste URL in the conversation id field
What is a hero image?

The story slotted at the top of Settings > Top Stories is referred to as the hero image. It will render on Top Stories as a full bleed image that consumes the entire space above the fold. Up to three additional stories can be slotted in the Top Stories settings and will appear as tiles overlaid on the hero image.

What are the specs for the ideal hero image?

Images with a 16:9 aspect ratio will render best in the hero image space. It’s also a best practice to use images with darker background colors, since the headline font is white and will be imposed on the image.

Why aren’t the One, OnePlusOne, and OnePlusTwo Top Stories options working?

The new theme does not support these options. Channels that choose to slot Top Stories can add one large hero image with up to three additional stories appearing as tiles overlaid on the hero image. 

What if I don’t want to display the new Top Stories hero image on my homepage?

That is totally fine, and actually preferred by several sites using the new layout already (see MishTalk, The Intellectualist). In order to have a homepage without the hero, simply don’t slot any Top Stories.

Where are all my rooms? I only see three of them.

The new Maven layout only supports three rooms (plus Top Stories) to show in the top navigation on desktop. Any additional rooms reside in the menu in the upper left corner. On mobile, all rooms are in the menu.

I used to have a menu item page show up in my top navigation. Where did it go?

Maven no longer supports adding menu items to the top navigation. Those pages are now found exclusively in the upper left menu.

I have more than two menu items. Why are they showing up in different places in the menu?

A maximum of two menu items will display at the top of the upper left menu. If a site has more than two menu items, they will appear below the list of rooms. Menu item order can be adjusted in Settings > Menu Items by using the slider on the left-hand side. 

What ad placements have changed?

Since the OnePlusOne layout has been deprecated, we’ve also removed support for the 300x250 ad that accompanied it above the fold. 

In-stream ads (468x60) are also no longer part of our ad offering. These units will soon be replaced by native ads.

I still use the Maven story editor and am having trouble accessing it.

The feather quill icon to the right of the ‘Start a new post’ box is the only entry point to the Maven story editor.

Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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