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Occasionally, publishers will experience spam comments from users on their channel. This content can vary from abusive comments to an onslaught of advertisements. There are a few measures in place for removing such comments and protecting your content from future abuse from repeat offenders.

If you feel you will need more granular control over commenting, let the support team know and we will add a flag to your user profile that will allow for the following capabilities. Once the flag is added, you will be able to access the options below by clicking on the three dots ( ... ) at the bottom of any comment then selecting Report.

Flag this as spam: Adds the message to the flagged messages queue under Settings > Review Messages. This action does not remove the content from the site - it only adds it to that queue so moderators or publishers can review.
Flag this as abuse: The same as ‘Flag as spam’ except it adds it to the abuse queue.
Delete: Confirmed Spam: Deletes an individual message as spam.
Ban user and delete all messages as spam: Deletes all messages by that user as spam and shadow bans the user.
Mark Reviewed: For use by moderators and publishers to deem a message or post as reviewed that was initially flagged as spam or abuse.

To review the messages that have been flagged, go to Top Stories > Settings, and select Review Messages. From this page, you can view all your comments in one place.
Auto-deleted: these comments are deleted programmatically when our spam filtering service things the content fits the profile of spam. It works off specific keywords, frequency of posting, and can sometimes be triggered by links or videos being shared in a comment. If you think an item was auto-deleted incorrectly, let us know.
Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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