User Roles and Permissions



Tempest users can be assigned one of four roles:

  • Site Admin
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor*

When a new user requests access to a site, their role is set to "Pending" changing their role one of the four roles above grants them access to the site with the permissions associated with that role.

*The contributor role is not configured for sites by default, but it can be set up if it is necessary. For more on the contributor role see this guide.


The following table shows the available permissions in Tempest and which roles posses those permissions by default:

Permission Contributor Author Editor Site Admin
Create Content
Edit User's Own Content
Publish User's Own Content  
Create/Edit Own User Profile
Assign Content to All Sections  
Create & Publish Rich Terms  
View All Unpublished Content  
Manage Content    
Post to Social Accounts    
Edit User Roles    
Manage Redirections    
Edit Site Programming    
Edit All Author Profiles    
Delete Photos    
Delete Rich Terms    
Edit Sections    
Edit All Content    
Delete Sections      
Note that it is possible to modify these roles on a per-site basis but by default this is how all sites are configured and modifications are rarely made. If you're not sure about the permissions on your site specifically and need to verify the configuration, please contact Maven Publisher Support.

In addition to the Permissions listed above, the Site Admin(s) are also the only users that are authorized to request changes to the site's configuration (page templates, meta data, styling, etc) through Publisher Support. If you need to request any changes like these, please have a Site Admin contact Publisher Support or request that your current Site Admin or another Editor change your role to Site Admin if that is appropriate.

Contact Publisher Support at to learn more.
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