How to Grow Your Community

Community Building Ideas

  • Weekly Mailbags: Get users engaged by collating weekly question and answer sessions either via posts or podcasts.
  • Twitter following: Bring your Twitter followers to your channel and bring the conversations over to Maven rather than answering questions on Twitter (you can do the same with Facebook and any other social media platform you use).
  • Provide fun facts/info: Not all posts need to be opinions, fun factoids and interesting stats or other information can start conversation, or simply create return commenters who enjoys the info.
  • Call for questions: Ask your readers to ask you tough questions that will be fun to discuss.
  • Ask for suggestions: Readers and commenters are more likely to interact when you ask for suggestions, you’ll have better comments if your readers feel connected.
  • Create games or have recurring social events: You can increase activity by involving your commentators in some fun activity. Maybe a joke competition. Ask them to share their favorite fun facts. Maybe hold a quiz.
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