What Are Attributes? 

Attributes are a form of Content Extension for all ContentArticle content prior to ANY content being created on a Site. The ContentExtension is required so that we can open up the Content Association feature, allowing Editors/Authors to associate Players, recipes, etc. to the articles they are crafting on their Sites. 

You can think of it like this: Attributes are similar to rich terms. They are like tags that represent key terms and concepts (usually nouns) that exist in the article. Attributes are more specific than rich terms are to the content item. For example, an attribute of a recipe could be meal type: breakfast, dinner, etc. while those could also be rich terms, the attribute is seen as even more specific.

This difference is that attributes are connected to databases on the CMS. These databases are part of developing a good schema for the site. Each of our content types follows best practices. was founded by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo with the mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages etc. In summary, this format of structured data is essentially the definition for how the web expects content to be constructed. The more closely these best practices are followed, the easier content is understood by things like search engines, social media platforms, bots etc. And in turn, the more performant content is in these environments.


Players: The player or players selected are connected to that database of player pages, building out an effectively structured schema. 



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