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Where you place your videos can determine the likelihood that people will watch them and for how long. The examples below show three different locations where these videos can live on an article and what they'll need to be successful. 

Example 1: Featured Media Autoplay
Examples 2 & 3: In Article Video Placement
The examples below explain what's right and what's wrong about these videos' placement.
Example 3: Float and Park

Some Quick Notes About Autoplay and Featured Media

  • Because the videos embedded in articles can not have autoplay turned on, they will inherently have lower ad impressions. 
  • All videos, as long as they are in the Maven player meaning they are in the media library of the site, are eligible for ad revenue. 
  • Autoplay functions drive pre-roll ad views… but that doesn’t mean the content can’t add valuable info. 
  •  There’s definitely still a discussion to be had around user enjoyment and optimizing for ad revenue. (Maybe your reader isn't interested in watching a video. If you autoplay the video, you don't give them the option of clicking to engage but you do give the advertiser the option of advertising to that reader.) 
  • Most sites that use autoplay see that the upside of revenue earned on autoplay videos outweighs the potential annoyance some readers may have in not wanting to watch the video. 
  • There is also evidence that some readers will engage and watch the video (and even the next) when autoplay is activated.
  • There is a little bit of publisher discretion here as to how they want to use videos but if revenue is the main goal, then they should always be in the featured media position. 
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