Video SEO


Video SEO Hierarchy

  • Title 
  • Meta Description
  • Rich Terms
  • Caption

Video SEO Tips

  • Check similar videos on Youtube and see the keywords they use in their titles and video descriptions.
  • Don’t keyword stuff your video description.
  • Don’t keyword stuff your video title.
  • Check Google Analytics to see the performance of past videos and find places for improvement.

How Video Changes Your Analytics Stats

  • Videos increase Time Spent on Page.
  • Videos can be used to decrease Exit Rate.
  • Videos can be used to increase Click Through Rate
  • Videos can decrease Bounce Rate. 

Key Point: Compare the content with videos against the content without. It is good to highlight this comparison thinking because it will take a meaningful amount of content with video to see an overall site performance change to these metrics. If video doesn’t greatly increase GA stats, it still makes you stand out as having more original content, which is good for gaining credibility through Google’s eyes.

For More Info:
Watch the Video Optimization Webinar.
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