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Audio Tips

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to record. You can…

  • Use a headset mic
  • An earbud mic
  • Or any small mic
    —Use a windscreen to block out surrounding noises
    —If you don’t have a windscreen, you can simply reduce some of the low end or high end sounds using your program’s equalizer.

Helpful Applications and Web Services

  • Canva: For photo editing. Helps with making photo galleries.
  • Unsplash: Great resource for stock photography.
  • Pixabay: For stock photos and videos.
  • Pexels: For stock photos and videos.
  • Quicktime Player: Can be used to record screen, to record audio, or to take video using your computer’s built-in camera.
  • Garageband: Can equalize or use effects tools to even out and clarify audio. Free audio samples.
  • SmartConverter: Free and easy app that converts audio and video files to different formats
  • YouTube Music Library: A helpful library of royalty free sounds and music.
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