How to Turn a Video's Transcript Into an Article


Sometimes, publishing a standalone video without having an article attached to it can lack the SEO content necessary to produce consistent traffic. For this reason, a publisher might write a few descriptive paragraphs, create a numbered or bulleted list, etc. to accompany the video. One more strategy to have a higher search engine ranking position is to publish the video's transcript (you could use the script you wrote or your closed captioning) beneath the video in the body of the article. However, not having a good layout for the transcript can be bad for SEO. In this tutorial, we'll explain a simple process for turning your video's transcript into a full-fledged article. 

Using Closed Captioning to Create an Original Article

Step 1: Upload your video content onto Tempest and fill out all of the necessary fields.

Step 2: Find your video content on JW and make sure everything matches and that you have a good thumbnail.


Step 3: Order services from 3play or whichever captioning service you use (or use the script you wrote). In this example, we'll look at the automated voice recognition service. 
—First, order services.

Next, select your file from JW.



Step 4: Copy and paste the closed captioning/transcript into the body of an article.


Step 5: Make sure all the appropriate SEO fields are filled out and restructure the text to make it SEO friendly and good for the reader. You can use stills from the video to add photo content—including galleries. Here's an example of a completed article (we'll explain more below the screenshots).

To see a better version of the following article, click here!




As you can see, the author first preformed a light edit of the cc/transcript, then took stills from the video and used them as SEO rich photos. He used galleries and intelligently placed bulleted lists, numbered lists, H2s, and H3s throughout. Now his article is much more SEO friendly! To see a better version of this article, click here! You can also watch a video description of this process: 

Click here to watch the video. 

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