In-Content Recommendations


What Are Content Recommendations?

Simply put, content recommendations are any system that you put in place for suggesting content that you think might be of interest to your readers. Most often, these systems recommend related content on the site, which encourages readers to explore the site more fully and become more engaged. In-content recommendations simply means that the recommended articles appear within the article.

What Are In-Content Recommendations?

In-content recommendations are recommendations for further reading that display within the body of a content item (e.g. Article) on the item’s detail page. This allows for recommendations to be seen more readily by readers as they do not need to scroll past the end of the content to view them. The goal of the in-content recommendations component is to increase recirculation, pages per session and ultimately revenue for a publisher.

Why Do It?

  • Increase revenue
  • Increase recirculation on that site
  • Increase click-through rate
  • Lower exit and bounce rate
  • It can help boost an article (our team can set up different content filters for this)

On Desktop

The recommendations appear on desktop as a single row of three items. The recommendations appear after the forth paragraph (though you can have this changed if you'd like). 


As with other Tempest components, the cards will display the title of the item and can be configured to display various properties of the items in addition to the title (as desired by the publishers).

These include:

  • The promo image
  • The label
  • The stamp
  • The author
  • etc. (depending on publisher needs)

On Mobile

On mobile, the recommendations render as a single column of items vertically stacked. In addition to the items, a header can also be configured to display above the list of items. Recommendations appear one paragraph above the first in-content ad zone.


Further Questions?

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