Traffic Trends: Evergreen and Seasonal Content on Google Analytics


Aside from the quick ups and downs we see across breaking news stories, there are other kinds of articles that can provide consistent revenue. When creating evergreen content on a consistent basis, the content starts to layer the traffic from different pieces on top of each other. By providing evergreen content, you increase the chance of websites linking back to your content. Evergreen content lowers website bounce rate: Informative, relevant and timeless content keeps readers on your website longer, telling search engines your content is valuable and fulfilled the search request. Seasonal content does the same thing, but the positive results are spread out in pockets throughout the year. 


Within the context of journalism and broadcasting, evergreen content is content that is not time-sensitive or time-dependent. When developing an editing strategy, updating this content often provides the best bang for your buck. 

I. Daily Evergreen

Topic: Daily Temperature Across the U.S.



  • While a small amount of traffic will vary as a result of swings in temperature, you can expect that the readership will be consistent enough throughout the year.
  • This kind of content helps publishers take risks because they know that there's a certain amount of daily revenue that they can depend on. 

II. Year-Round Evergreen Content (Mostly Year-Round)

Topic: Hair Dye Removal



  • Hair dye removal is not dependent on the season. The small downturn you see on this graph is the result of an algorithm update that the site did not account for. 
  • This kind of content should be updated on a yearly basis. 


To put it simply, content is seasonal if it's based on a specific season, upcoming holiday, or major event.

I. Highly Seasonal Traffic

Topic: Caterpillar Identification



  • While this is a scientific topic, you can see that the article's traffic follows caterpillar season more than it does the school year. 
  • You'd want to edit this article on a yearly basis before the summer boom. 

II. Semi-Seasonal

Topic: The Science Behind Different Eye Colors



  • Scientific topics are evergreen topics. They are educational topics; therefore, their peaks and dips in traffic follows with the school year. 
  • These articles should be updated yearly in preparation for the school year. 

Topic: Baby Names



  • As you can see, search traffic for baby names corresponds with the months when the number of births rise and fall.
  • These articles should be updated every six months to make sure you capitalize on these trends. 
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