11 Tips for Maximizing Your Revenue


Increase Your Revenue Stream 

The Area group offers many tools that you can leverage to maximize your revenue streams. Below, we'll explore 10 important things you can do to generate more revenue and reduce your stress:

1. Have an Intelligent Design for Your Homepage.

We offer your site the ability to use flex panels to display multiple content feeds next to each other in columns, or “panels”. They can have two to three panels, and the e panel can be displayed larger than the others in a hero format. Items in Flex Panels can be displayed as portrait or landscape images, as well as text-only, and can be presented either as image or standard cards. Increasing the density of content on the homepage with a clean and easy-to-read layout is likely to improve pageviews by increasing the amount of users who come to your site directly from having it bookmarked. Increasing the amount of content on your homepage may also grow the number or readers who click back to the homepage after visiting another page.

2. Make the Most of Your Video Content.

Try having an enticing video set to autoplay in one the panels on your homepage, or use an autoplay video on your section pages. Isolate your top earning articles and update them to have video content. This can be as simple as creating a commentary piece, a slideshow, debate, photo gallery instructions, etc.

3. Update Old Content.

Just because a seasonal or evergreen article of yours has lost traffic, that doesn't mean it can't be resuscitated. Even breaking news stories can be revived. Besides, you never know when a related story will be attention back to that moment in time. Going back over old content and performing 5 to 10 minute long edits to add a little content or media, restructure the content a little, or expand the SEO content can have a significant effect on your pageviews and revenue. Google rewards sites that perform consistent edits. One strategy is to find the section/s on your site that has seasonal and evergreen content that is performing well and prioritize updates to that section. Make sure to create a plan for churning out new content though. When updating old content you still need to be producing new content. Don't miss out on anything new trends! 

4. Optimize for SEO.

Use diverse keywords throughout all the fields on the Tempest CMS. Tag effectively. Always use alt text and have photo captions. Name your photo galleries. Fill out the attributes field (if your site uses one). Remove broken media and attach relevant media whenever possible. Make use of ToCs on longer articles. Have smart sub-headers that are keyword rich. In short, optimize the page for cellphone users. Google will reward you for this. Remember, editing work can help you grow.

5. Use Inline Galleries.

Inline galleries generate pageviews for each photo page every time the reader scrolls past each photo. They do not need to click on the photo for it to receive a pageview. When combined with a ToC on longer content, these galleries can greatly increase your pageviews. Galleries have several spaces where you can use diverse keywords to maximize your ranking position on Google Image search. A gallery can also capture a featured snippet. Each photo can be hyperlinked to related content to improve through traffic. You can program an ad to appear between every photo or every two photos. This is a natural way to increase ads on your page without annoying the reader.

6. Write a Variety of Different Types of Content

This balance of content on your site will vary from publisher to publisher, but try not to always take the same angle as everyone else on a story. Try to include an intelligent balance of breaking news, evergreen content, and seasonalcontent. Having successful evergreen and seasonal content can help provide a revenue floor you can depend on each month and year. Just make sure that you remember to update your content when necessary.  

7. Turn on Outbrain.

Outbrain is a web recommendation platform. The company generates revenue for online publishers by displaying feeds of content and ads, or boxes of links, known as chumboxes, to pages within a website or mobile platform. Advertisers pay Outbrain on a pay-per-click basis and a portion of that revenue is shared with publishers. Approximately 75% of that revenue is paid to the site or app which presented the Outbrain link.  In 2021, Outbrain revamped its algorithm to incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the quality of its ads. Outbrain uses interest-based, behavioral technology to power its content recommendations. Outbrain's algorithms are then put to work, helping readers discover content that's most interesting to them through personalized content recommendations.

8. Make the Best Use of LiftIgniter.

LiftIgniteris a single platform to personalize all aspects of the customer experience. Using real-time machine learning, LiftIgniter increases conversions through relevant and timely recommendations without compromising the end user's privacy. LiftIgniter's proprietary machine learning model uses first-party behavioral data to personalize content and product recommendations in milliseconds. In other words, this technology will provide the best recommendations for each reader. LiftIngniter can be used on both the homepage and for in-content recommendations.

9. Turn on In-Content Recommendations.

Simply put, content recommendations are any system that you put in place for suggesting content that you think might be of interest to your readers. Most often, these systems recommend related content on the site, which encourages readers to explore the site more fully and become more engaged. In-content recommendations are recommendations for further reading that display within the body of a content item (e.g. Article) on the item’s detail page. This allows for recommendations to be seen more readily by readers as they do not need to scroll past the end of the content to view them. The goal of the in-content recommendations component is to increase recirculation, pages per session and ultimately revenue for a publisher. LiftIgniter can be used to personalize these recommendations for each user. 

10. Embed Video and Audio From Your Other Accounts.

If you have a Youtube, Vimeo, or any other account that generates revenue from you, make sure to embed content from there. A Youtube view on your channel still counts on Youtube and the related content might help generate a reciprocal relationship between your two audiences.  

11. Optimize for Social.

Optimizing for social media hubs is essential. Besides embedding tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts within your article, make sure to use the social meta field to improve the performance of your posts and show up on feeds more consistently. 

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