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While it's always advised to use tools such as SEM Rush or Google Search Console to determine the search volume, ranking difficulty, and impressions connected to certain keywords, publishers are often stressed for time, trying to publish as much content as possible so they don't miss out on breaking news stories and emerging trends. So, what can a publisher do to make sure they are practicing good SEO strategies when they are stressed for time and can't perform that SEO research? This article will explore some simple strategies to make sure you are making the most of our SEO fields. 


Keyword Rich Title
Keyword Rich Dek
Check Related Questions
Social Meta
Meta Title and Meta Description
Rich Terms
Ways to Include More Keywords Without Keyword Stuffing



Possible Adjectives: Horrifying, Unprofessional, Alarming, Vicious, Offensive, Atrocious 

Possible Nouns: Statements, Assertions, Tweets, Remarks

Possible Replacements for the Phrase "Cost Him a Job": Affect His NFL Draft Ranking, Hurt His Chances in the NFL Draft, Affect Him Come Draft Time



Keywords: Offensive Tweets, Jon Doe, QB Jon Doe, NFL Draft, Jon Doe NFL Draft, 


How can I figure out keywords or phrases quickly?

One of the quickest ways to figure out what keywords you haven't used yet is to think about what related questions people are asking. Your assumptions about the implied questions that readers will have will likely be, at least, partially correct.

In the example above, the related questions include:

  • What did he say or do?
  • Who did he say or do it too?
  • What did the victim say or do in return?
  • What team/teams were affected?
  • What team or teams were interested in him? 
  • What team or teams are avoiding him?

People Also Ask Examples


Social Meta


SEO/Meta Title and Meta Description


Rich Terms


Ways to Include More Keywords Without Keyword Stuffing

  • Photo Captions
  • Photo Gallery Titles
  • Use slightly different language in your video's title and meta description than appears in the title or meta description of your article. 
  • Photo Gallery Descriptions/Captions
  • Alt Text
  • H2s and H3s 
  • Meta Title and Meta Descriptions
  • Rich Terms
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