How to: Add Send To News (STN) Video Embeds to an Article


All articles on our properties should provide a video experience along with the rich content. This will help us monetize a publisher’s content better. Many times publishers are shooting video to be attached in the featured media slot. However, there are other times the publisher doesn’t have video content. This wiki page explains to publishers on SI and Fan Nation channels how to embed the Sendtonews (STN) player in content.

How Does It work?

We have enabled our Tempest publishers to add the STN video player as an embed into any article. This works on any site in Tempest, but for now we are limiting it to run on SI and Fan Nation sites, until the business development team authorizes broader use.

Publisher’s simply need to paste this string in the Tempest embed control and save.

The fk value may change per site, so please make sure to use the right corresponding fk for your site that you received.

Where it is placed in the content is where it will render. You can place it at the top of the article body, or below, or in the middle. The publisher is in control. There will be more monetization at the top, but we will have to review the next round of data (i.e. bounce rate) to determine the optimum location of placement.

You might notice a couple of the parameters in this string.

  1. fk is the unique identifier for that player. STN refers to it as the player key. There can definitely be multiple fk's on SI. Many of our publishers keep the core embed string and dynamically swap out the fk and CID parameters for different sections of their sites. 
  2. CID is the Customer ID number and how we allocate revenue. The CID will never change for SI, however, if we were to rollout across another of Maven's sites, it would have a different CID. The embed code always requires the fk and cid parameters to function properly 

For now the fk and CID are fixed. We will open this up later for better tracking of CID at the channel level. 


What to Do

The steps to embed the STN are the same as any other embed in Tempest.

Just open the embed component in Tempest.


And paste in the snippet from above.



After saving it will look like this. Go thru the normal steps of publishing.



The player will render as follows.


That's it. You can see it working here. You can now drive more video revenue to your pages even if you don’t shoot a video yourself.

If you are wondering how it works, the STN technology will scrape the content of your page and determine the most relevant videos to play. We are still working to measure the relevance of selected videos, but make sure to provide descriptive titles and words in the body to help the player choose the right videos.

What's Next (This is Maven’s side of things)?

Now that we have shipped the ability to embed the STN players we have to train publishers on how to use. This wiki takes care of that, but there are other items we need to discuss.

Float and Park

The STN player implements its own float and park experience. In the last month their implementation has started to differ from our implementation. We will be working with the STN team to bring the players to parity on a great float and park experience. This doesn’t block us testing and getting data on the current implementation, but something we should still address for the best experience for readers.

Enable STN Player on Page Templates

Some pages in Tempest are enabled by Page templates. We can’t directly use the embed option on those pages. Soon we will have the ability to put the STN player on Page templates. We will then apply to scoreboard and schedule pages in SI.


In the future, we will be able to set STN as a template.

  1. a) it abstracts the player from the content, so that it's not included in RSS etc as content
  2. b) it displays the player above the title instead of within the body of the article
  3. c) it doesn't require copying/pasting the URL or adding an embed, so it's faster to enable
  4. d) if a publisher wanted the default template to have STN included and then have a NON-STN template available for when they don't want it, we could do that instead - this would save time if they plan to add it to most content
  5. e) if they ever export the content, the player will not be included


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