Tempest CMS Google Chrome Extension


What Does This Extension Do?

  • This extension takes you to the content item in the Tempest CMS from the Phoenix front-end.
  • This extension allows Authors and Editors using the Tempest CMS from The Arena Group to navigate to a content item within Tempest from the article's page on the front-end.
  • This extension will also work on section pages (*will not open the homepage's site programming).
Click here to download the extension from the Google Webstore.

How Do I Find It?

After installing the extension, you'll find it in the puzzle piece to the right of the url field.  


(Click on the pin if you want the icon pinned to the top right hand corner of Chrome.)

How Do I Use It?

  • Just click the extension's icon (the big T) while on the page and you'll be taken to the item in the CMS in a new tab.

Click the "T" icon


Takes you to the article in the CMS.


Important Note

This extension requires that you are logged in to the Tempest CMS and your user account has sufficient access to the site that you're viewing.

How Will This Help Me?

This extension will increase the speed at which you are able to make edits to already published articles. It will also help you find articles that you are struggling to find in the Tempest CMS, but can easily find online. In short, this will speed up the writing and editing process for many publishers. 

To Learn more, schedule a training session with Nick Wright ( or reach out to our Publisher Support team (


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