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Important! Our team will be the ones configuring everything on Tempest to create that cross communication between JW and Tempest.

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What's JW Player?
How to: Create Property in JWPlayer CMS
Create Player for Property in JWPlayer CMS
How to: Get an MRSS feed of videos from JWPlayer
How Video Syndication in Tempest CMS > JWPlayer Works
After JW Is Set Up
Further Reading:

What's JW Player?

JW Player, a video hosting and management platform with an online video player solution, is the integrated Tempest Video solution. Video monetization is supported through DFP.

Video Content and JW Player must be set up by Tempest Support. Please reach out to have your site configured for Video Content.JW Player, a video hosting and management platform with an online video player solution, is the integrated Tempest Video solution. Video monetization is supported through DFP.

Create Property in JWPlayer CMS

  1. Login to JWPlayer using your Say Media Email:
    1. If you do not have access, please ping to be invited
  2. Click on the Account cog at the top rightScreen_Shot_2022-04-21_at_1.25.19_PM.png
  3. Select Properties
  4. Create New Property, this should match the site name.
  5. Now that the property exists, click "Media Library" in the menu on the left side of the site and use the drop-down menu at the top of the site next to the "Upload" button to find and select the new property's name. 

Create Player for Property in JWPlayer CMS

  • Now that we have a property, we are going to create a Player.
  • Select the property. Then in the left-hand menu select Players.
  • Click on the big red button in the upper right corner that says "Create Player"
  • Title the Player to match the site name ie. My New Property Player
  • Scroll down to the “Sharing” area. Enable sharing if the publisher wants users to be able to share the video. This will automatically select “page URL & iframe”, do not change this. Select the social networks that you want to make available to users to share to. The defaults are Facebook, Twitter, and Email.
  • Click on "Save". You do not need to do anything else. You are done configuring the Player. 

How to: Get an MRSS feed of videos from JWPlayer

1. MRSS feeds are tied to playlists in JWPlayer so you must first create a playlist of videos.


2. Navigate to Playlists from the left menu


3. Create a new playlist. Playlists can be created to include specific content by tag or manually selected. To create a playlist that includes all content, you will want to create a Dynamic playlist with no values set. To do this, select Create in the top right and then select Dynamic.


4. You can add criteria to the Dynamic playlist such as the number of videos, videos to include or exclude by tag and the sort order. To include all videos, do not set any additional criteria

IMPORTANT: If this playlist/MRSS feed is going to be used to syndicate content to third parties (MSN, Daily Motion, Send 2 News, etc) you will want to turn on “Include videos by tag” and add the tag “_published” and also turn on “Exclude videos by tag” and add the tag “_donotsyndicate”. This ensures that unpublished videos and videos that are marked not to be syndicated are not included in the playlist.


5. When the playlist is created, select the Developers tab to see the RSS URL. This is the MRSS to use for video syndication.


How Video Syndication in Tempest CMS > JWPlayer Works

  1. To mark a video as available for syndication, it must have Feed set to true. This is the default on all sites. To exclude a video from syndication, the video must have Feed set to false.

  2. There was a question raised about how this works since syndication changes are not synced to JWPlayer when the video is not published. The answer is that there is an additional “_published" tag which is automatically added by the contentsvc when syncing video metadata to JW, based on the publication status. Until this tag is present, the video is not eligible to appear in the MRSS feeds for syndication. This means that unpublished videos that haven’t had their syndication settings synced are automatically excluded from the MRSS feeds.

  3. The configuration to ensure that only videos with _published tag are included in the MRSS feeds should be what we do for any sites that are configuring video content to ensure that the CMS syndication settings dictate which videos are or are not included. This is done via the Playlist configuration that we set up in JW for MRSS syndication to only include videos with the "_published" tag, and exclude videos with the "_donotsyndicate" tag. You can see the rules that are set up for one of the playlists which we can mirror for others we create overtime:

After JW Is Set Up

Once JW Player is set up to communicate with your site in Tempest, any video you upload into the media player will simultaneously show up in JW Player.


All of the meta data connected to your video will transfer over to JW Player. What you've put in as your rich terms (these are similar to meta tags) will also automatically transfer over as tags on JW, helping algos understand how to group the content on syndication channels.

Further Reading:

To learn more about the importance of JW Player and why TheArenaGroup uses it, contact Publisher Support at 
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